“Yorkshire Prose” Keeps The Yorkshire Dialect Alive And Strong! Video


A Yorkshire man named Ben Taylor has been making a big impact online with his aptly titled Yorkshire Prose videos!

In between serving in the Royal Navy, Ben pioneers Yorkshire with his unique brand of poetry, centred around the increasingly rare Yorkshire Dialect. His videos have resonated with people across the globe! Some remember their home, some enjoy his delightful wordplay and others are intrigued by this broad and rarely-heard-outside-of-Yorkshire accent!

Ben first uploaded a video, after one of his good friends moved to Australia and he wanted his child to be aware of their Yorkshire routes, this quickly captured people’s imagination and over a million people from across the globe tuned in to watch the video! 

He’s been publishing his videos for some time now on a range of subjects which are as varied and eclectic as Yorkshire itself, he said: “I have ‘Ode to Pork Pie’ and one called ‘Wet Kegs’, a story about a young miner.” By the sound of things, he’s got plenty more to come, “I’ve got plenty more to bob on.”

Since his initial success, Ben has kept up with regular posting on both Facebook and Youtube and has accumulated over 35,000 “fans on his Facebook page, which you can find here. You may also have seen him on TV appearances, including being interviewed on Sky News for his Remembrance Day poem.

Ben has kindly agreed for us to share some of his work with you, and we’ll look to keep you updated with his poetry! (Make sure to head over and give his Facebook page a like!)

 Wet Kegs


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