The Yorkshire Party – General Election 2017 – A Message From The Party


With the General Election fast approaching, we got in touch with each of the parties standing in Skipton and Ripon and asked them to provide a message for our readers. We begin this short series with a comment from The Yorkshire Party.

Although political views can provoke strong emotions, feel free to share your opinions on our Facebook Page just, please remember to be respectful to others!

The Yorkshire Party Message:

“The Yorkshire Party is standing in Skipton & Ripon for the first time and we are delighted Jack Render will be our candidate in June. Jack represents a generation of young people who feel disengaged with what the main political parties offer. In this campaign, Jack and the Yorkshire Party will set out a plan for what a modern, prosperous Yorkshire will look like in the future. At the heart of this is our belief that the people of Yorkshire should set their own priorities and control their own destiny in a way which is similar to Scotland or Manchester. After all, we have the same population as Scotland and an economy twice the size of Wales but the powers of neither

The Yorkshire economy has had to totally reengineer itself in less than a generation but has continued to struggle without the appropriate support for education and skills, and infrastructure. Rural areas are equally neglected: villages now lack schools and other public services on which their contribution to the wider economy was founded. The important farming sector has been left in doubt about their future following the vote to leave the EU and little has been said to ease their fears.

Yorkshire has a fantastic potential waiting to be unleashed. Unfortunately, the London-based parties have long neglected Yorkshire. That has to change. We will fight to get Yorkshire’s voice heard and for change to happen.”


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