Yorkshire is a diverse and fantastic place, with a history full of twists and turns, there are few people more proud of their heritage than Yorkshire folk. Here are seven reasons why Yorkshire is the best!

Three British Prime Ministers were born in Yorkshire

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Charles Watson-Wentworth, Harold Wilson and perhaps the most controversial of all war time prime minister Herbert Henry Asquith were all from Yorkshire! 

The Man Who Invented The Modern Day Toilet Was From Yorkshire

White toilet bowl in a bathroom
White toilet bowl in a bathroom

Joseph Braham an inventor who was born in Barnsley in 1748, invented the system used in todays flushing toilets in 1775, forever changing the way that the Western World took care of their business!

Yorkshire is home to the England’s oldest pub – The Bingley Arms.


Found in the beautiful village of Bardsey, The Bingley Arms can date its history back over 1,000 years, making it the oldest pub in the country. It’s still open today, and I hear they do a spectacular roast.

Guy Fawkes Was From Yorkshires

We all know who Guy Fawkes was, we have a national day dedicated to his failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. What you may not know is that he was born in York in 1570.


If Yorkshire Was A Country, It Would Have Finished 12th In The 2012 Olympics


With spectacular performances from the likes of Sheffield born Jessica Ennis, Yorkshire crushed the 2012 Olympics with an amazing seven gold medals, two silvers and three bronze.

Sheffield FC Is The Worlds Oldest Football Club 


Football is an international affair these days, but where did it all begin? Historians can trace the origins of the modern game back to the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield, when on 24th October 1857, two men wrote the rules of the game and founded Sheffield FC.

It’s Home To The UK’s Oldest City, Too


With a population of just over 17,000, Ripon is one of the smallest cities in the country, however, it also holds the title for being the oldest city.