What On Earth Is A Yorkshire Burrito?


The Roast Dinner is such a staple of British life that it once ranked 2nd in a list of “What People Love About Britain.” Many of us regularly enjoy a meal with family, many restaurants and pubs make it the highlight of their Sunday menus and now, a forward thinking foodie down in London wants to assist in the evolution of this age old traditional meal.

Enter the Yorkshire Burrito, which is literally a roast dinner wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding, the creators of this evolution of the British traditional meal said of his frustration with British food… “few offerings there were in the way of British cuisine.” A commentator said of the Burrito “I’ve never been particularly patriotic but this was so quintessentially British it brought a tear to my eye.”

Amongst the options when ordering, you can choose from Chicken, Beef and Veggie varieties. It’s available in Soho at Rupert Street Market from Wednesday to Saturday, although we hope it may inspire food vendors closer to home to offer their own take on the Yorkshire Burrito… 


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