On Monday, we asked you to vote for the business you think makes the best pizzas in Skipton. After a weekend of highly amusing debates about the appropriate level of pizza crispiness, we wanted to find out exactly where we should be placing our next order.

We received a total of 462 votes on our pizza poll and 29% of these votes were given to Carter’s Serious Eats, who were closely followed by Chico’s with 26%.

Carter’s Serious Eats – The Best Pizza in Skipton

Carter’s Serious Eats is located on Water Street and is the newest establishment on the poll. Owned by Fi Jenkinson, they offer a mouthwatering menu of freshly prepared pizzas, homemade burgers and authentic Tex Mex dishes such as Burritos and Fajitas.

I contacted Fi to ask her why she thinks their pizzas are so popular with locals and this is what she had to say:

“Andrews been a chef for over 25 years locally so knows the best products from the from suppliers. We use restaurant quality ingredients to make our pizzas. Freshly made dough made from scratch and hand pinned to order.  We also make our own tomato sauce base, use 100% mozzarella cheese and add plenty of fresh toppings before cooking in a stone baked oven.

We care what we serve and as a new business it really means a lot that our customers enjoy their food. We might be slightly more expensive than other places but hope that is reflected in the taste.”

If you fancy trying one of their pizzas to see what all the fuss is about, head over to the Carter’s Serious Eats website, browse their online menu and give them a call to arrange a delivery of deliciousness.

Congratulations to all the team at Carter’s Serious Eats!

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