Wedding Invitations – The Do’s and Don’ts


By Alexis Wilson-Barrett

Here, at The Skipton Press, we are continuing our Wedding Season by bringing you a brief guide to wedding invitations. This can be one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning. Arguments about the guest list are inevitable when two sets of family and friends are eager to share in the celebrations, but financial restraints and family feuds prevent universal happiness. Once you have settled on a guest list (and assuming you still want to marry one another), it is time to choose your invitations. Whatever your theme, you are guaranteed to find someone who produces invitations that complement it perfectly and no doubt, charge a small fortune for doing so. To help eliminate some of the stress and make the process slightly more bearable, we have put together a short list of Do’s and Don’ts.


1. Feel Pressured

I’m sure most of us would love to be in a position where we could afford to invite the whole world and his dog to our wedding. If you can afford to do so – go for it! If you cannot, then do not feel pressured into inviting Great Aunt Mary’s best friend and your Mother-in-Law’s Chiropodist. People are usually empathetic, so a simple explanation should prevent them from feeling snubbed.

2. Send invitations at the wrong time

Usually, invitations are posted 2-3 months prior to the event. Many couples feel that this isn’t soon enough, so sending them out 6 months in advance is relatively common. 6 months notice should provide guests with adequate time to book the day off work and make any other pre-wedding preparations. If you are truly concerned because your wedding day falls on a national holiday or during school holidays, it might be worth sending ‘Save the Date’ cards prior to the formal invitations.

3. Invite your guests via email or text

We may be in the ‘Digital Era’ and communicating solely via smartphones and computers, but nobody wants to receive a wedding invitation electronically. Stick with the traditional ‘snail mail’ and request that they RSVP. Wedding invitation acceptance cards make great keepsakes.


1.Stay within budget

Wedding Invitations can be pricey! The most simple of things can double in price when the word ‘wedding’ is included in the product description. Shop around for invitations within your budget. Browse auction sites like eBay or join a few wedding-related Facebook groups. People often order more than they require or sell the surplus. You will also find a number of ‘crafters’ who make and sell their designs for competitive prices and jilted brides who are eager to sell on wedding supplies they no longer require. Try to order your invitations in bulk rather than per card. The price per card can range from as little as 30p to a ridiculous £5. When you look back at your wedding day, I guarantee that the fine lace of intricate embossing on your invitations won’t be the things which you remember the most.

Invite 2
2.Include ALL relevant information

Alongside the expected time, date and location, it is probably a good idea to include a number of other pieces of information for guests who are travelling long distances. Try to include directions to the venue and a list of recommended hotels and B&B’s so your guests know where they are going and don’t have the headache of searching for accommodation.

Invite 3

3.Add the personal touch

Don’t be afraid to inject a little personality into your invitations. Yes, there are certain ways in which one is supposed to word an invitation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few alterations to other aspects. Why not handcraft the invitation yourself or find a talented Graphic Designer who can produce bespoke invitations featuring your initials or favourite photos? You could even include a short poem or share anecdotes.
Whilst composing this article, we came across a fantastic local company that offers bespoke and affordable wedding stationery. With customers throughout the UK as well as in Mexico, Canada and the USA, they have the experience and expertise to create tailored designs that fit perfectly with your theme. Rebel Robot take advantage of the current easy access to print, meaning the cost of your wedding stationery is mainly based on the time taken to design it and doesn’t include extortionate printing costs. They also specialise in digital files, so you may request digital copies and arrange the printing yourself – perfect for those who want to spread the cost.


We have included some image examples of Rebel Robots’ wedding stationery and as you can see; their designs are both unique and beautiful. From Save the Date cards and Bridesmaid invitations to Seating Plans and Table Menus, their packages are gorgeously symmetrical throughout.

Rebel Robot

To browse their design templates or request a bespoke package, please visit them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Etsy.



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