We Want Your Flash Fiction!


Calling all Skipton scribblers and wannabe writers!  We’re excited to announce a new section of the site that’s all about unleashing your creative side.  We want all you keyboard-clickers and typewriter-tappers to send us your best flash fiction for us to post up loud and proud on the site.

So if you’ve ever fancied being published but never got around to giving it a go, or if you’re a seasoned writer and fancy adding us to your publishing CV, then why not send a few words our way?

You never know, you might just be the next J K Rowling in waiting…


What Is Flash Fiction?Once upon a time

Well, it’s as the name suggests: flash fiction is a method of storytelling purposefully restricted by a low word count – in our case no more 500 words – and that is designed to be read in a single sitting.  Flash fiction encourages you to question each and every word you include in the story – after all, you’ve not got many to play with!

And yet, despite the low word count, flash fiction still requires that the writer creates a complete story, with a beginning, a middle and an end.  We don’t want sections from a bigger piece or stories that tail off into nothing.  They are self-contained works that are meant to satisfy and stir the reader.

Don’t let the low word count fool you: writing good flash fiction isn’t easy, but it sure is a lot of fun!


What Kind Of Stories Do We Want?Macbook desk

Well, we want to let the good people of Skipton set the tone, so let loose your creativity and write about whatever you want – anything from Skipton to space battles!

All we do ask is that you are somehow connected to Skipton (this is The Skipton Press, after all), that you write no more than 500 words and that you send us your very best, never-before-published work.

So come on, Skipton, harness your inner Hemingway and get writing!

We can’t wait to read what you have to offer.


Submission Guidelines:Fountain Pen

  • We’re after stories of no more than 500 words. Anything over that and, if we like it, we’ll send it back and ask you to shorten it.
  • Send your stories to ben@theskiptonpress.co.uk, preferably in a Microsoft Word or Word-compatible format (we will take Open Office formats but please try to avoid PDFs).
  • Please include a short 40- to 50-word biography of yourself so the readers can get to know you a little.
  • Upon accepting a piece we may edit your story (for grammar, punctuation or syntax) without notification. We may also contact you with revisions that we feel make the story stronger.
  • As the author, you’re granting us the right to publish the story on The Skipton Press website, non-exclusively, forever, and the right to include it in a printed or online The Skipton Press anthology, non-exclusively, forever.
  • Please don’t send us anything that’s been published elsewhere in any format – we want your great work exclusively for our greedy selves!
  • Feel free to submit your piece to other publishers at the same time as sending it to us but please let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere.



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