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Happily received her gift box from Unifood Direct

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There are few times throughout a person’s life which demand a bigger and more dramatic change of lifestyle than the beginning of university, especially when it involves living away from home for the first time.

Although parents across the country attempt to prepare their children for life beyond the confines of the metaphorical nest, it’s difficult to ensure that every bird will find their wings and thrive in this new and often alien environment.

Eating on a budget with Unifood Direct

In turn, this has fueled the idea of the hapless student, who as well as living without a care in the world throughout the duration of their course, also finds it difficult to adjust to independent life. Many students will put weight on, others will lose weight, and finding the perfect balance in diet can be extraordinarily difficult.

Diet is certainly a concern for most parents, and it seems that the issue extends beyond a mere stereotype, in fact, during a study carried out in 2015 which looked into the eating habits of British students, it was found that “Unhealthy diet is a primary risk factor for noncommunicable diseases. University student populations are known to engage in health risking lifestyle behaviours including risky eating behaviours.” – Worrying stuff we know!

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But thankfully for students and parents alike, there are forward thinking companies out there, who are proactively challenging this stereotype and attempting to make it easy for first-time students to eat well.

Unifood Direct, which is a British company, with the express mission is of making student living a little easier. They’ve pioneered a student survival gift-box, which is delivered twice per month and is full of food, recipes, and other everyday essentials. The products contained within the subscription box have been carefully chosen to make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle… in between all the partying, studying and hard work that is!

As well as assisting in helping to maintain a healthy diet, Unifood Directs subscription box is an excellent way of helping those on a budget, it teaches the ideas behind money management, as well as enforcing a regular outgoing, which is sometimes a foreign concept to many students, who are accustomed to having their phone bills and gym subscriptions paid by their parents.

Matthew Holland is a University lecturer, and when introduced to the Unifood Direct subscription box, he said “What a fantastic idea! Every year I meet lots of bright kids who are struggling to adjust to Uni life, it’s nice to think that there’s something out there that can help take the pressure off. I’ll certainly be recommending this as a good option for my freshers this year.”

Happily received her gift box from Unifood Direct

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