While some prefer the sleek contemporary designs they have available, at the top of the new bedroom wish list for many Hartleys’ clients is the concept of nostalgia, and a fondness for traditional design with an air of vintage styling.  Where the modern look is popular for their living rooms and kitchens, it seems that bedrooms remain a perfect place to indulge a flair for retro romance and classical simplicity.

The key to making it work is finding the balance between recreating a period drama film-set and creating a room that’s still functional and luxurious for today’s living. Hartleys have perfected the art of helping to hide the clutter of modern day life in meticulously planned fitted furniture, so that to all appearances the bedroom is simply timeless.  Utilising space that would otherwise be wasted, they create additional storage space, such as bridging units above and stable door access to corner units. From shoe stores to sock drawers, hat space to sports bags, they hide the visual clutter of your wardrobe and dressing-table necessities, leaving you with a clear run for styling the room.

Like traditional antique furniture, a Hartleys room is made by skilled craftsman; it’s designed to be totally unique to your individual needs and it’s built to last. It’s all made from quality material from sustainable managed forestations and the workmanship is of an exceptionally high standard. Traditional craftsmanship is matched by modern techniques such as thermal laminating to create robust furniture with a durable finish. It means there are a host of classically styled designs and finishes to choose from to create a perfect period patina capturing that vintage look. Then it’s down to you to add the final touches.

Less is generally more, and one or two genuine antiques from your chosen period will go a long way to creating the feel you want, whether that’s the romance of Regency, the vigour of the Victorians or the fun of the Fifties.  A piece that you’ve unearthed yourself which has its own history or mystery, it could be a lamp or a mirror, a painting or a bust, but pick a simple iconic piece that will be a focal point for anchoring your chosen vintage style.  You don’t need to spend a fortune and you might just as easily find the perfect piece will catch your eye at a flea market or car boot sale as in an antique shop.  Better still, a treasured hand me down from a much loved grandparent might be just the thing to anchor your room.

Wallpaper and soft furnishings will do the rest. Soft pastels will create that summer fresh feeling that complements fitted furniture in a light colour palette, or you can be brave and bold with strong colour and evocative designs that carry the vintage style for you, such as William Morris and 1950s kitsch designs. For plain walls, avocado green is a popular retro colour choice and it’s easy on the eye. One step up from neutral its muted tone works well alongside cream fitted furniture which suits vintage styling and stands the test of time as tastes change.

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