Stanforth Butchers: How To Rate A Pork Pie – National Pie Week


It’s national pie week! To celebrate, we’ve been in touch with a well-known butcher with a reputation for having some of the best pork pies in the region!

Who are Stanforth Butchers?

Stanforth Butchers was established pre-war by Jim Stanforth, who quickly became well-known in the town for the delicious pork pies he was making.

After moving to the Millbridge site that the shop still stands on today over 80 years ago, the business continued to grow and the pies became more sought after both by the people of Skipton and the many visitors to the town.

Throughout the years Stanforths have kept to the same recipe and traditional ways of making their famous pies, sausage and other products thus ensuring top quality products through to the present day.

To further develop the business Stanforths obtained a state of the art cutting plant at the Auction Mart in Skipton. This site ensures that Stanforths can continue to grow whilst keeping up to date with the latest legislation and methods in the butchering industry.

The meat sold by Stanforths is all traceable back to local farms. All their pigs are bought from Selby and Wharfedale auction Markets. Also, their beef and lamb is yet again, bought from Skipton Auction market.

Their credentials

People travel far and wide to taste Stanforths pies, and they receive many rave reviews, here’s just a small sample of what people say about them:


With these credentials, we could think of no one better to ask for advice on what to look for when picking a pork pie, and by extension what it is that makes their pork pies so highly regarded! Here’s a handy infographic with everything you need to know!

How to rate a pork pie


Pork Pie (1)


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