Skipton Photographers Showcase #3


Welcome to another edition of The Skipton Press: Skipton Photographers Showcase! In this week’s edition, we have a photographer with an exceptional eye for portrait photography as well as a well established and versatile photographer, known for being experienced in a number of different photography disciplines amongst several other fantastically talented folks! 

If you have a photographic inclination, send your photographs, along with a short bio about yourself and your inspiration to to be featured in next week’s edition.


Malcolm Stoney

Malcolm Stoney 1Malcolm Stoney 3

I’m Malcolm, a freelance photographer from Skipton, I shoot events, weddings and portraits. 


Sean Jukes

002 10x8
My name is Sean Jukes a local portrait studio creating fine art portraits of families and children in and around Yorkshire.


Phil Peake


Phil Peake is a local photographer who captures stunning scenes on a regular basis, The Skipton Press has long been a fan of his work. In fact, we featured him in a profile article a few months ago, you can read that here:


Jude Kershaw


I’m Jude Kershaw, 15 and from Skipton. I specialise in authentic vintage portraits, working both on 120 roll film and digitally. I’ve been taking photographs for the past two years and hope to do for many more! 


Brian Stott

DSC_0256 (1)

I took this photograph in my back garden last August. A bee amongst the foxgloves.

I took up photography when I finished working and bought a camera with the Gift Vouchers my generous ex-colleagues at Skipton Building Society presented to me.

Since then I have taken loads of photographs.This one reminds me so much of summer days that hopefully won’t be too long away. I put photographs on my Facebook Page but that is about as far as it goes.

I am currently Vice President of Skipton Craven Rotary Club and enjoy all the fund raising we do there including The Great Skipton Santa Fun Run. I have always lived in Skipton and have enjoyed writing articles for the Skipton Press about our hometown.

Megan Brennand


I am a 17-year-old A-Level student, studying Photography at Craven College. I have experimented with different techniques in Photography for a number of years now, and have recently been completing a project with the theme of identity. I love portrait Photography and the ways in which different people may all perceive the same image in a different way. 
I have enjoyed experimenting with Photography techniques, learning through trial and error, and would love to continue my passion as either a career or a long-term hobby.


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