Skipton Photographers Showcase #2


This week, in the latest edition of our Skipton Photographers Showcase we have three more fantastic photographers to introduce you too. They are as varied as last week, we really enjoy their work, which you can enjoy for yourself below!  As well as these fantastic photographers we are featuring another excellent, slightly more abstract piece from one of our favourite photographers Phil Peake! 

Let us know what you think of the stunning shots published this evening, and make sure to follow The Skipton Press to stay up to date with this weekly feature. 

And remember, if you have a photographic inclination, send your photographs, along with a short bio about yourself and your inspiration to to be featured in next week’s edition.

Vicki Andrews


I’ve always been passionate about photography and since having my children I’ve loved capturing those special moments and their beautiful, sometimes cheeky, personalities.  I particularly enjoy natural, unobtrusive photography because of the stories it tells and the emotive nature of the subject. Photographing outdoor and on location means that you and your family are in beautiful yet comfortable surroundings, meaning everybody is more relaxed and children can play, laugh and be themselves. 



Rob Scott


My name is Rob and photography has been a hobby for around 2 years now, gradually getting the hang of it! My main focus with my camera, however, is cinematography & filmmaking! 



Emmy Turner



I’m a 19 years old Foundation student at Craven college, I specialise in photography on my course. I shoot a range of subjects from events to still life. Photography has always been my passion which I would one day like to pursue as a career.

Phil Peake 


Phil Peake is a local photographer who captures stunning scenes on a regular basis, The Skipton Press has long been a fan of his work.

Here’s something a little different from him! Read more about Phil here:





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