Skipton Oxfam In Danger Of Closing


Oxfam is a charity with a monumental mission… to rid the world of poverty.

Founded in 1942 in Oxford as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, Oxfam has developed into an international group which saves millions of lives each year through their amazing work, which ranges from tackling domestic poverty to offering much-needed support during an international crisis. As you can imagine, they’re extremely busy. And they desperately need your support in order to carry out their mission.

It’s a cause that we strongly support and believe in, and we are proud that Skipton has an Oxfam shop, which helps to contribute towards their noble goal.

Unfortunately, they are in desperate need of adult volunteers, who would be willing to donate some of their time in order to help the shop remain open.

Skipton Oxfam tweeted earlier today:


Volunteering is a positive way of spending your time, and many find it exceptionally rewarding for a variety of reasons. By volunteering, you are directly having a positive impact on this troubled world that we live in.

Take a look at this short film, which illustrates some of the people that Oxfam aims to support:




Could you donate some of your time?

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