Skipton Highstreet – Memories Of Skipton


By Brian Stott

How many times have you walked up and down Skipton High Street and Sheep Street?

Countless time I am sure.


But how many of you have noticed these beautiful mosaic patterns in the entrances to two of the premises you pass by every day without a second glance.

This is the entrance to Jenson Samuel Men’s Shirt shop. It says Skipton Stationery Co Ltd. Prior to the shirt shop it was Thornton’s Chocolates but prior to that for many years it was occupied by The Craven Herald who in addition to running their newspaper from there ran a stationers and book shop from there. This was probably the shop’s original name. The shop front hasn’t changed to my knowledge since then and has probably looked like this since the mosaic was laid in the early 20th century. I believe it is now a listed building.


Here is when it was Thornton’s , with Next next door.


This is the entrance to Dacre Son and Hartley Estate Agents at 32 Sheep Street.

From what I can discover this was a jewellers shop. The whole shop to me looks as if it hasn’t changed for a long while and has certainly looked like this as long as I can remember.

Some people will remember the shop shown below called Ramsbottom’s next door but one (an appropriate name for Sheep Street!) which is Holland and Barratt.


Let’s hope that the future owners of these two shops with their beautiful mosaics are mindful of their past and will preserve them for future generations.

Keep your eyes open for them the next time you pass by!


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