Skipton Donations For Manchester Victims – Where To Donate


By Alexis Wilson-Barrett

Manchester is a city close to the hearts of many locals and the arena itself is often the venue of choice for our music and comedy fans. We know that a number of our young people attended the Ariana Grande concert on Monday evening and local schools are offering support and counselling to their students. The horrors witnessed by those who were present at the time of the atrocious and cowardly act, are unimaginable and undoubtedly, unforgettable.

The human race seems to be contaminated with evil individuals who are intent on spreading hatred and destroying our way of life. It is during times like these that the true spirit of the British people becomes apparent. Our communities unite in grief and people come together to offer and perform acts of kindness, regardless of race, religion or political beliefs.

In response to Monday night’s horrific terror attack at Manchester Arena, Skipton’s Tesco Community Champion is appealing for donations for those affected by the Manchester Arena bombing. A trolley is now located in the foyer of the store for local residents to fill with clothes, nightwear, toiletries, snacks, drinks and gifts. The donated items will be taken to hospitals in Manchester for distribution amongst the injured and their families. If you would like to donate an item, the trolley will be in the entrance until 1pm tomorrow.


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