Skipton & Craven Green Party – General Election 2017 – A Message From The Party

Photograph Via Facebook

Here, we have a message from Andy Brown of Skipton & Craven Green Party.

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The Green Party Message:

“I am not standing because I want an easy life and want to represent my party in Skipton and Ripon. I am standing because I want to champion the needs of local people at Westminster.

 I am really concerned that this country is in danger of heading in a mean-spirited direction where each individual has to look out for themselves.

I don’t want to worry in my old age over whether I will get dementia and have to sell off my home to pay the bills. I don’t want primary school children to see spending per head on their education across the whole of North Yorkshire cut by £400 per individual.

I don’t want graduates to start work with £40,000 of debt and then try to find a home locally only to find that a council house is like gold dust, the countryside is being eaten up to build 4 and 5 bedroom executive homes and they have only six months security of tenure if they rent privately.

I also don’t want to see people forced onto zero hour contracts with no security of employment. I believe we should pay once for our services properly up front through progressive taxation rather than fool ourselves that we can pay a low tax bill and then find we need to pay again for private treatment or for university education or to help young people in the family buy a home because the service are increasingly stretched and constantly meddled with.

Above all, I want to see us take every bit as responsible an attitude to our environment locally and globally as we should with our finances.

I am not a candidate who believes every word their party says is right and everything another party says is wrong and so I have been open minded enough to recommend all people of good will to vote for the excellent Liberal Democrat Candidate Helen Flynn in Harrogate and Knaresborough and the Liberal Democrats here have been kind enough to stand aside to allow me a clear run.

Please vote for a secure and sustainable future by voting Green.”


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