As a child, Kay used to love passing the direction sign for Skipton Castle as it really meant that the weekend had begun. From there, it was just a short car drive to Giggleswick to pitch a tent and begin the family fun. Walks in the countryside, long conversations and loads of time to unwind were the tickets to happiness.


In fact, despite travelling far and wide, each time Kay visits the UK, she is always drawn back to the magic of Yorkshire.


30 years ago, Kay left Hull Marina and delivered a private motor yacht to Mallorca. She never swam back. Spain became her home and when her boys grew, instead of an empty nest, she and her husband chose no nest. They put their luxury house on the market and moved to Zanzibar, Tanzania to live in a two-roomed tin-roof house near the beach for a few years.



Kay says:

“I may be in my Silver Years years, yet I am still drawn to Yorkshire and feel the need to share the wonderful experience of my childhood with others. So much so, that this year I approached High Trenhouse in the Yorkshire Dales and asked if it would be possible to use the venue for a ‘Silver Tent’ weekend. It is ideally suited next to the most stunning location of Malham Tarn.


The Silver Tent is the inspiration of Francesca Cassini and at the moment is an online global movement of wild wonderful women over 50 sharing their wisdom. With nearly 6,000 members it is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Yet, it has one drawback –  at the moment there are very few physical meetups.


“Women have so much experience to offer the world but they often they lack confidence and feel invisible. By supporting each other we have the opportunity to learn, grow and change the world. It is possible to do this online worldwide, but it is much more powerful and easier to give a hug in person. This is why I decided to organize a get-together for women over 50 in a landscape that has inspired me and touched my heart for so many years.”


Kay may only be in Yorkshire from the 14-16th of September, yet she hopes that it will be enough time to pass on the magic of the area, in order that there will always be a need to come back, visit and create more wonderful meet-ups.


For details of the event at High Trenhouse, head to

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