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Hi, I’m Niamh! I’m thirteen years old and go to school at South Craven School in Crosshills.

“Singing is my passion”

I stcrw_6734arted singing when I was only very young, but back then it was only a behind-the-bedroom-door past time! I kept my love of singing to myself as I hadn’t quite found the confidence to perform in front of real audience.

One year, my primary school announced they’d be showcasing a Victorian musical – giving me the opportunity to audition for a solo part. Surprisingly – at least to me! – I got the part. I was so excited but I was nervous, too, because still no one knew about my passion. The show was a real confidence-booster; I feel as though if I hadn’t have auditioned I’d still be hiding my talent away!

“Singing is the number one way to cheer me up”

Three years later and I’m performing in huge high school productions! Every year, my school puts on a musical, which I always take part in. The whole experience is amazing and it feels as though you’re in a professional night on Broadway. That’s the thing about singing, it’s all about the experiences and magical moments throughout the journey. I also think it’s a great way to express your emotions – whenever I’m feeling down singing is the number one way to cheer me up!

I find inspiration from artists like Connor Maynard. He does covers of really famous, up-to-date songs whilst putting his own twist on them. He can practically sing anything in any style and is extremely versatile. I also enjoy listening to Adele. Her songs are so powerful and deliver so much emotion. I always like to see if I can reach the high notes in her most challenging songs – and if I can, I’ll record the song at the studio!niamh-in-the-studio

My inspiration

I frequently visit Zene Records in Keighley, run by Jamie Vee. Whenever I’ve learnt or written a new song, I can go there to record and put it together. Jamie’s been brilliant – helping me create the backing tracks for my written work and with promoting myself on social media. It was Jamie who inspired me into song writing. At first I thought it would be very difficult and that I wouldn’t be able to think of melodies. But now I write an average of a song per month without support. Thank you so much, Jamie!

Going live

To date, I have sung a one-hour live lounge session on local Drystone Radio and have had my first self-penned song – called ‘Respect’ – played on air. My second track, ‘Can’t Stand This Anymore’, was played by both BBC York and North Yorkshire Introducing and was awarded Track of the Week.

It was also played by Best of British Unsigned following a recommendation from BBC Presenter Georgina Burnett. And, again, the song was awarded record of the week!

So, the last few months have been extremely exciting for me with some fantastic experiences had and some wonderful opportunities  on the horizon. I’m looking forward to working on my new songs and spending some serious time in the recording studio!



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