The Principle Trust Childrens Charity Hosts Glittering Fundraiser


A recent fundraising ball hosted by The Principle Trust Children’s Charity attracted a number of esteemed donators. Their Annual charity ball was a glittering success, guests dressed up to the nines and there was even a Ferrari on show, giving it a real Bond feeling. The event was hosted at The Coniston Hotel, a fittingley beautiful setting on Friday, 9th June.

If you’ve not heard about the fantastic charity yet, The Principle Trust Children’s Charity was founded in 2011 by CEO of Principle Healthcare, Mike Davies who hails from Skipton. The charity provides much-needed respite for underprivileged and disadvantaged children and their families in the form of a holiday. Their fantastic work made headlines last year, after Tilly, the face of the charity was nominated and won a Pride of Britain award.

Their most recent campaign is “The Log Cabin Appeal” in which they aim to raise £100,000 in order to invest in a Log Cabin within the Yorkshire Dales, so that they can continue and enhance their already brilliant work.

The Charity is run by Hayley Kitching (Manager) and Hannah Hodgson (Coordinator) who have transformed the Charity since joining in April this year. They have increased the Charity’s public profile since April, acquiring a new logo, website and social media.

On the night of their ball, they managed to raise an astonishing £15.5k with donations coming from: 

Mr Philip Meeson (founder of JET2.COM)

Julian Smith MP

Manchester United


Farnell Land Rover


Walker Foster Solicitors

Sutcliffe Construction

Kukri Sports

Grassington House

Danny Abraham (Artist)

Hayley, Hannah and the Trustee’s of the Charity, Mike Davies and Clare Campbell, would like to thank all local supporters for donating and sponsoring the new Log Cabin Appeal.

Here are some photographs from the event, taken by the talented Stephen Garnett.

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