How To Choose A Wedding Photographer – The Skipton Press Guide


By Alexis Wilson-Barrett

With so many talented Wedding Photographers offering their services online, it can be difficult to decide which one to book for your big day.  As part of our ‘Wedding Season’, we have put together a short guide that may help when it comes to deciding which you should choose to capture those special memories.


Decide on a style

Deciding on your preferred style of wedding photography will help you to narrow down your search. Common styles include:

Documentary – The photographer takes a journalistic approach and captures the emotions of the day with spontaneous images of bridesmaids dancing and guests laughing.

Portrait – A classic photographer who takes posed images in front of various backdrops.

Fine Art – Images are similar to those produced in the documentary style but reflect reality from the photographer’s perspective.


Research online

Check out the websites and social media pages of potential photographers.  Browse through their online portfolio and choose a photographer who has taken images in the way you want yours taken. Also, look out for poor reviews and unsatisfied customers. Your special moments only happen once, so you do not want to be disappointed with the results!


You are going to be spending a significant amount of time being followed around your wedding venue by your photographer. It is important that you feel comfortable in their presence so you are able to relax when the camera is clicking. Their personality is of upmost importance, as they need to be assertive enough to get guests to gather in the correct places and pose when required, but friendly enough to avoid any awkwardness.  Many photographers will offer a pre-wedding or engagement shoot prior to the day itself. This enables you to get to know each other and eliminates some of those nerves.


Our Recommendation

Based in Silsden, Photography By Kathryn has been in operation for 4 years. Owner, Kathryn Widdowson, describes her style as ‘Storytelling with beautiful portraits’ and we think this describes her photography perfectly. Combining classic aspects of portraiture with the emotion and creativity of documentary photography, her stunning images provide the ideal way to share those treasured memories with future generations.

The majority of her day will be spent collecting action shots but Kathryn also ensures that she makes time to create natural portraits of the Bride and Groom. She prides herself on producing authentic images and tries to avoid shots that may appear staged and unnatural.

All of her packages include a pre-wedding shoot so you can get to know Kathryn and get a feel for the way she works – “I always want to capture couples being themselves and feeling relaxed. How I make a couple feel on the pre-wedding shoot can really help things to feel nicely relaxed on their Wedding Day.”

Kathryn’s digital collections start at £1,500 and tailored collections are available on request. Optional extras include albums and fine art books.

We have included some of Kathryn’s images in this article but you may view more on her website:

You can also find Photography By Kathryn on Facebook, Twitter (@photokathryn) and Instagram (@photokathryn).






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