On The Market This Week: Introduction

Skipton Market

Hi, we’re Richard and Sue Feather, market stall holders of Feathers’ Funky Eggs, Bakes & Cakes.  

We’re delighted to announce The Skipton Press has given us the chance to write a regular Who, What & Where feature to help promote our ‘Let’s Keep Shopping Local’ campaign.

Each week we’ll be doing a write-up on two or three Skipton market stalls and shops, detailing who the owners are, what they’re selling and where you can find them.  Oh, and we’ll be letting you know about any great deals they’re offering too!

We’ll also be updating you on any special events happening throughout the year. Sheep Day, the Christmas Market, the Waterways Festival, Art and Crafts In The Pen… we’ll be reporting on them all!

Loco About Local

As you might have gathered, we’re passionate about encouraging people to shop locally.  Here at Feathers’ Funky Eggs we try to avoid clichés, but when it comes to Skipton’s local businesses the old saying ‘use it or lose it’ really does ring true.

That’s why we’d love to encourage every household in the Skipton area to spend an extra £10 a month locally.  Because when it comes to keeping Skipton’s varied and exciting independent shops in business, a little money truly goes a long way.

And – shameless plug time! – we can’t think of any better place to start supporting local enterprise than at Skipton’s High Street Market, open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  So next time you fancy hitting the shops, try going loco for local – you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Well, sorry lovely Skiptonites, we’ve run out of space!  But please keep an eye out for us on The Skipton Press site over the coming weeks and months.

And remember, let’s keep shopping local.

Richard & Sue
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