Tattoo enthusiasts of Skipton are rejoicing following the grand opening of a new studio named “Tattoo House,” found in Victoria Square. With a beautifully designed shop front and a welcoming interior, we wanted to find out more about this new business and the artist behind it!

So we caught up with business owner Mary Boshier, to find out a bit more about the exciting new venture.

An Interview With Mary Boshier, Owner Of Tattoo House

So what is Tattoo House?

It’s a tattoo/ piercing and laser studio.

Who’s behind this exciting new venture?

The business is founded, funded and designed by myself (Mary Boshier) with the help of decorating by my partner.

What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

I fell into tattooing after someone suggested I gave it a go after seeing my artwork. I went to a Waldorf Steiner in Canterbury Kent from from the age of 3 to 17 where art was our main focus. I received an A* in my GCSEs and went on to art college.

I started teaching myself to tattoo four years ago and it came naturally to me. More and more people asked me for tattoos until I became so busy I started my own business. It’s been my dream to have my own shop big enough to have other people working there for the last four years and it’s finally happening.

Tattoo House Interior

When did you open?

We had our grand opening on the 14th April.

What kind of services can we expect to find at Tattoo House?

There’s a piercer on the top floor, myself tattooing on the bottom floor then very soon I will have a laser technician and another tattooist on the middle floor.

What do you like most about Skipton?

Skipton is a lovely town which reminds me of where I’m from in Kent and I’ve felt so welcomed by my neighbours in Victoria square where there’s a true feeling of community spirit. I have had a lot of positive feedback from locals who have seen the quality of my work online and I’ve had hundreds of enquirers already.

Tattoo House Skipton Work

So, why should the people of Skipton visit Tattoo House?

I aim to have happy clients who are going to come back to me. Back in Kent, I’ve had loyal clients for the last few years who would never go to anybody else. I want to make sure the client leaves with exactly what they had in mind and not something totally different that they are not happy with, which happens a lot.

Extremely rarely do my tattoos need touching up, due to the high quality of my Cheyenne rotary machine and my skills in mastering the perfect depth, they are perfect first time. I have clients booked in all the way from Kent which I’m touched about!

How can we keep up to date with you guys?

You can keep an eye out for deals designs and cancellations on my Facebook page.

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