With the new Doggie Cafe due to open soon, I got in touch with Jade Manham, one of the business owners to find out her story and what the people of Skipton can expect from the highly anticipated new business!

What is Kibble Bakery?

Our new business is a dog café serving both human and hound. Kibble is a place that treats the hound as the core customer, we offer the dog a full extensive menu and they bring along their human along to foot the bill.

Who’s behind the venture?

Jade Banham and Jayne Walker, mother and daughter!


What inspired you to go down this line of business?

For the last 6 years I have been working as a secondary school teacher teaching business studies to 11-18 year olds but over the last 12 months I had begun to fall out of love with my teaching role and found my attention had shifted towards a new member of my family my Labrador, Max. All I wanted to do was stay at home with him, go on long country walks and soon realised that spending my Sunday’s marking and planning wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore.

Since getting Max, he has changed my life and has helped me take the leap into something I have always wanted to do open my own business, but I have never found that true passion until now! In my spare time I started baking Max little treats, biscuits, pupcakes, I experimented with different fruits, and vegetables, I wanted to make sure that he was getting the very best. When visiting the various high street pet stores I would look at the ingredients list and notice lots of E numbers, additives and preservatives and as a highly food motivated dog I didn’t want to fill his body with such artificial content, I wanted to give him the same clean diet I expect. Gradually my experimenting grew and grew, I would share my treats with friends and family who would comment on the quality of the products and how much their dogs loved them.


When my husband and I would be out walking Max we would chat about the Dog Café concept and how we had heard of them and seen one or two up and down the country and it was then that I had my lightbulb moment and realised I had found my passion, I could combine my love for Max, baking and my desire to own my own business. But, I needed someone else to work alongside me, my mum, with over 25 years in catering she was my perfect business partner.

Together we began our search for the perfect location, and it wasn’t long before we came across The Candle Shop, 44 Sheep Street, Skipton, the gateway to the Dales. We immediately fell in love and made our offer.

We are so excited with the prospect of being able to open Kibble Coffee House + Bakery in Skipton, we are forever taking Max for walks round Skipton and we know how many people enjoy doing the same, Skipton Castle Wood Walks, Skipton Moors, along the canal and a walk up and down the High Street itself.

When can we expect you to open?

2nd and 3rd of December our grand opening weekend!

What kinds of products will you sell?

So what will we be offering to Skipton, Kibble Coffee House + Bakery is, most importantly, a place that treats the hound as the core customer, we offer the dog a full extensive menu and they bring their human along to foot the bill.

We want to create a unique place where customers can socialise with each other and their dogs in a comfortable and relaxing environment while enjoying a custom-made unique Kibble coffee blend, speciality tea, artisan sandwiches and home-made, organic, gluten-free treats for both human and hound and you don’t have to own a dog to come in and enjoy our human menu! There are various dog-friendly cafes in and around Yorkshire but we hope Kibble will allow dog owners to feel comfortable in their surroundings and be surrounded by like-minded people. We will be supporting all dog owners by offering somewhere to treat their dogs, socialise with other dog owners/lovers, and create social dog walking events but also to learn and educate themselves in the organic, free range, dehydrated, wheat, gluten and dairy free feeding methods that we offer. Kibble will also be offering customers an extensive retail offering all of our products are boxed up ready to take-away to enjoy more treats at home.

What do you like most about Skipton?

We love the sense of community that Skipton advocates. Since starting our refurbishment we have had nothing but positive feedback people have even knocked on the door to wish us well and pass on their excitement. And of course, we love the beautiful surroundings, cobbled streets and fantastic muddy dog walks.

Why should the people of Skipton pay you a visit?


Do you have any promotional offers running for your launch?

We had our big window poster whilst our refurbishment was undergoing and if you took a photo of your pup in front of Kibble the dog you receive a free pupspresso. Also, you can sign up for our newsletter visit www.kibblebakery.com and click the subscribe love heart and we promise hand on heart not to send you millions of crumby emails.