New To Skipton: Being Better


We caught up with Corrine and David Yeadon, who are the owners of a brand new business which has just opened its doors to the community, we asked them to tell us a bit more about their venture, including the services they offer and what their mission involves.

By Corrine Yeadon.

We are thrilled to open our private therapy practice in Skipton!  We provide private, confidential, discreet therapy for lifestyle changes, changing daily habits, managing stress & anxiety, improving self-esteem & confidence, overcoming fears, improving performance at work or a career change, managing relationships, decluttering your life and having a work/life balance and so on.

We are specialists in addictions, however, we are experienced in working with individuals who feel their drinking is increasing and want to regain some control before it becomes a problem.  

We also provide specialist therapeutic sessions to people affected by their loved ones drinking / drug use.

We are committed to providing a qualitative service using a range of evidence based techniques and approaches including:  life coaching, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, cognitive behaviour therapy, neuro linguistic programming and solution focused behaviour therapy.

We are person centred and acknowledge that as individuals we have different experiences, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Therefore we accept that a programme of therapeutic interventions is unique to each individual if it is to be successful.  

We have over 25 years combined experience of providing therapeutic interventions.

Our offices at High Street house are a welcoming space, ideally situated central to Skipton yet discreet for those wanting to preserve anonymity.  We have 2 therapy rooms and a large space for forthcoming workshops and seminars.

For more information please visit the website:

People can access Being Better or find out more by calling:

01756 799966

07483 132552  



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