The Magic Of Yorkshire… And Harry Potter!


With the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter falling today, many across the country and in fact the world have been reflecting on what Harry Potter means to them. Arguably the most successful series in recent generations, JK Rowling’s tales of magic, love and adventure have impacted many lives, in an equally varied way.

So, with this in mind, we looked at some of the Yorkshire locations used in the filming of Harry Potter.

Malham Cove

Not far from Skipton is the world famous Malham Cove, which is widely regarded as having one of the most beautiful views in the entire of the UK.

It’s unique limestone landscape, and the intriguing stone pattern which was formed by the once flowing river that is now long gone was used as a location during filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part one.)

In the scene, central characters Hermione and Harry apparate away from danger and set up camp for the evening.

Here’s footage filmed at Malham Cove, make sure to keep your eye open next time you watch The Deathly Hallows.

Goathland Station

As well as Malham Cove, the location of the Hogsmeade station can also be found in Yorkshire. Somewhere between Pickering and Whitby, Goathland Station serves as a representation of the station that the children of Hogwarts used every time they had an out of school trip to the wonderful village of Hogsmeade, for a butter beer or two.was also used in the filming of Heartbeat.

The station was also used in the filming of the long-running show, Heartbeat.

Here’s some film footage of Goathland Station:


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