A Letter From A Husband – “I Need Your Help To Keep My Wife Alive”


Once in a while, there comes along a cause that touches people’s hearts and inspires them to do something in the face of adversity. “So, Sally Can Wait” is one of those causes. Sally Major, is a mother of four and is suffering from life-threatening cancer, she desperately needs funding for life-saving treatment.

This has inspired an amazing effort from Sally’s friends and family, including a monumental 500-mile walk from John O’Groats back to Silsden, which is taking place right now. We will be publishing an article on the fundraising efforts in the near future.

For now, please read the below story, penned by Sally’s husband and share it with your own friends. If you can spare any money, donate to the You Caring page: https://www.youcaring.com/sallymajor-680286

By Liam (Sally’s Husband)

As you probably expected the reason for writing this is not a very pleasant one and is basically out of desperation. I need your help to keep my wife (and the mum of my 4 young children – George 2, Maisy 6, Adam 11 and Ryan 13) alive.

We cannot imagine life without her and in fact, my youngest son does not even understand this.


My amazing & gorgeous wife, Sally, 32, was last year diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer, extremely rare at such a young age. She had surgery to remove a foot of her bowel along with the huge tumour, unfortunately, this still left her with a widespread disease in her liver, both lungs, lymph nodes and peritoneum.

Despite this and living with a colostomy, so far around 20 gruelling sessions of chemotherapy, 2 lots of ablation, enough supplements to cause her to rattle, intense pain and sickness along with shocking tiredness my unbreakable wife still battles on! I am so very proud of her.

We have funded various treatments ourselves at around £25,000 and have had some fantastic help from fundraisers who have so far raised around £23,000 for us. Unfortunately, this only covers the initial tumour testing for suitability of the treatment we are looking at.

The Hallwang clinic in Germany (recently Emmerdale actress Leah Bracknell commenced treatment here) offers cutting edge combined treatment including low dose chemotherapies, immunotherapies, dendritic cell vaccine and personalised cancer vaccinations. These treatments have been seen to cure the ‘UK NHS incurable’!!

Unfortunately, the cost of around 9 weeks of treatment here will be over £100k.

On 7th December 2016, we arrived at The Hallowing Clinic to start treatment (which we managed to self-fund by re-mortgaging and selling the car) within 1-hour doctors recognised an infection (Pancreatitis) and prescribed IV anti biotic. Back home we were told that this was liver metastasis and not to worry.
This was taken care of and Sally was able to have her first round of immunotherapies however this was only 1 days worth not the 7 we were hoping for due to the infection.

After been home for a week or so Sally became very uncomfortable with severe pain & sickness, she struggled through Christmas missing her return to The Hallwang Clinic as she was too ill. On 27th December was taken into hospital and diagnosed with Sepsis after a cancerous lymph node had grown and blocked a ureter causing a build up fluid in her kidney which had become infected, this had been overlooked on a previous visit to the hospital. Fortunately, it was picked up on quickly on this visit to A&E, therefore, preventing organ failure.

From going to the hospital on the 27th December, Sally has only been home for 2 nights even spending her birthday in hospital.

Other the last week we have been told that Sally is not well enough to restart the chemo tablets here (the last option for her here) I.E we are on our own or in a hospice something Sally is not ready for she has more fight to give.
So on Sunday 22nd January, we took her to Germany and with help and support of the doctors and nurses at Airedale who are actually starting to accept the Hallwang as a possibility which is good.

Our initial visit to the Hallowing will be approx 3 weeks costing 124,000 Euros.At present thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of so many great folks and very generous and helpful family we have 60.000 Euros, so if we don’t get the rest we will likely be home after 10 days.

So we are asking for your help please please give what you can this is our only hope, me my kids and all our family really need Sally in our lives.

I cannot imagine facing it alone without the love of my life and soul mate.

Our you caring address is www.sosallycanwait.org
Please help us keep Sally with her family.
Thank You



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