Labour Takes The Lead In Our General Election Poll


Over the past couple of days, The Skipton Press has been running a poll, to see how the people of Skipton will vote in the 2017 general election. Here are the current statistics from the poll, as it stands at the moment:

Andy Brown – Green Party 9.6 % 
Jack Render – The Yorkshire Party   6.4 % 
Julian Smith – Conservative Party 19.3 % 
Alan Peter Woodhead – Labour Party 64.7 %


Of course, this is in contradiction to previous results, with Skipton being know as a Conservative seat. This could be in part related to the Conservatives conduct throughout the general election campaign, where they have established a reputation for U turning on their manifesto pledges.

We have been in contact with local prospective MP’s and will be publishing an article with their messages tomorrow evening, so keep an eye out for that!

If you would like to vote in our poll, click here.

We will be publishing further updates regarding our poll regularly over the next couple of days.


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