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Skipton futsal

Futsal Crazy…

Ah, football.  The Beautiful Game, The National Sport.  A game of angular poetry, an alchemy of animal prowess and cultured dexterity.  A theatre played out upon a hallowed green stage to a bawdy audience of expectant thousands, adorned by 22 heroes as they go about the vital task of… putting a ball in a net more times than their opponents.

Yes, it’s a funny old game, isn’t it?

But whilst this Great British pastime grabs most of the sporting headlines – and, in England’s case, mostly for the wrong reasons – there is another variant on the game that’s growing in popularity all the time.

FutsalWhat Is Futsal?

Futsal is a version of five-a-side football that originated in South America and is now played widely across the world.  It’s normally played on an indoor pitch with hockey-sized goals and a smaller-sized ball with a reduced bounce.

Futsal places a strong emphasis on developing and testing a player’s technical ability, encouraging close ball control and quick one- and two-touch passing.  Unlike its bigger brother – particularly its British variety – futsal is less about the physical and more about the skillful and cerebral side of the game.  That’s why it’s great both for youngsters learning the game and for those whose legs can’t quite run as far and fast as they used to!

Skipton Futsal ClubSkipton Futsal Crest

Skipton Futsal Club was founded by local resident Paul Douglass, who has played in the FA National Futsal League with Leeds CYDC Futsal Club.  Paul also ran Leeds City Futsal Club for several years.

They play in the Bradford Futsal League First Division, a competitive 8-team league that currently sees Skipton sitting in a commendable fourth spot.  You can follow their progress by visiting the league page here.

Paul and his team run a weekly training session at Sandylands Sports Centre on Carleton Road in Skipton (website here), so if you want to pop along then please get in touch with Paul either through their Facebook page (here) or by tweeting @futsalskipton.  We know they’d love to have you along – just to try and wipe the smile off table-topping Pro Elite Academy’s face!


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