Introducing The Rotary Club Of Skipton Craven – Welcoming A New President


By Brian Stott

This week will be an auspicious week for me as Tuesday 27th June will see me take over as President of Skipton Craven Rotary Club, I will hold the post for a year.

I have been invited by Declan of the Skipton Press to contribute a regular piece to the web pages to let everyone know what I and the other Rotarians have been up to. So not wanting to miss out on a golden opportunity to publicise our Club and the contribution it makes to the local national and international communities here is my first of hopefully many pieces. So keep popping back to The Skipton Press to see what we have been doing or have planned.

Who are we?

Well, Skipton Craven Rotary is a group of (currently) 33 like-minded people who essentially want to help charities and organisations both locally and further afield whilst at the same time having fun and developing friendships whilst doing it. It might be fundraising activity but often it can be by volunteering to provide help at events organised by other groups.

This is our own website

Each year in late June one of our Members is elected to be President of the Club for a year and I am proud to say that this year I will take over as President of my hometown Club. I feel very honoured to follow a long line of excellent Presidents since our Club was founded in 1988.

There are in fact two Rotary Clubs in Skipton, ours was known as Skipton Craven was founded then as the original Skipton Club met then at lunchtimes and it was felt there was a call for a club which met at an evening for those people who would not be able to attend during the working day. Hence Skipton Craven was founded. Times have now changed and the (original) Skipton Club also meet in the evening. There is, however, plenty of room for two groups in town as there are many projects and causes to support and we work well together sharing them out under the overall banner of Rotary International.

Rotary 1

 So my Club meets on a Tuesday evening at Skipton Golf Club at 7 pm where we convene for a drink prior to having a nice meal and it is usually followed by a guest speaker for about 25 minutes on a broad cross section of activities and organisations. In a later article, I will explain what each meeting looks like in terms of format but suffice it to say it is all very relaxed and convivial with no airs and graces.

Our main activities throughout my year in office will centre again on

  • The Great Skipton Santa Fun Run. This year on 26 November when we hope to increase the number of Santas over 1200 we had in 2016 who helped us raise £34000 for lots of different charities. This is the website. Entries open on 1st July so you can secure your place soon to do it.

Rotary 2

  • Santa on his Sleigh touring the streets of Skipton and local villages on December Evenings. We know that people young and old look forward to seeing us come past their houses and last year generous locals donated around £8000 to us. We have been carefully discussing how to allocate these funds during the past six months and in the future pieces, I send to The Skipton Press I will write about the organisation’s individuals and charities we have made donations to.
  • This year we are also in conjunction with the other local Rotary Club hoping to launch our “Rotary Sofa Project” which we are very excited about. I will give more detail on this in a future post.

There are many other things we do with

  • Buzz
  • Banter
  • Friendship

So look out for future Rotary Posts on The Skipton Press.


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