Introducing: Anna Sheryn, Netball Superstar

Netball 2

Hi, I’m Annie, coach of the Craven Dragons netball team, based at South Craven School.  (I’m the one sat in front of the team with a leg sticking in the air… it’s a thing I do!)

Anna Sheryn
…don’t ask!

I love being active, being outside and having fun – keeping fit, healthy and testing my ability.

Netball, as you may have guessed, is my first love, having played and coached it for many years.  I love the physical and technical aspects of the game, the fun and the inclusivity.  I play now with the same enthusiasm as I always have and get a huge amount of pride and satisfaction from coaching and seeing players enjoy themselves and get better at the game.

And whilst netball will always be my favourite way to keep fit, I’ve also discovered some new interests (see pic to the left!) proving you can teach an older dog new tricks!

The Dragon GirlsNetball

Love life, play netball, that’s our mantra.

And that’s what the Craven Dragons do: love life and play netball, whatever our age and ability.  Although we can’t be half bad because we recently won the league this summer, continuing our steady run of promotion through the divisions.  We play in the Burnley Ladies Netball League and now look forward to an exciting winter season in Division One.


The Dragons’ RiseNetball 4

I set up Craven Dragons six years ago in response to lots of girls who I coached in local schools and colleges wanting to play more netball and not having the opportunity to do so.  And we’ve never looked back.  Now with junior (age 8-12), cadet (age 12-16) and senior (age 16 to whenever-you-can-play-until) teams, we have players young and not-quite-so-young turning out for us!

Our aim is to play competitive run netball to the best of our ability, and I’m proud to say we achieve that.  But don’t just take my word for it, this is what some of the other Dragons say:

‘We laugh a lot – and still manage to work hard.’ – Hannah; ‘I don’t feel like I’m exercising. ‘ – Debbie;  ‘I feel part of the club and though I know I’ll never play for England, I still love it!  And I’ve stopped falling over quite so much…’ – Lynda.


Coach Sheryn

I believe exercise should be about having fun and laughing as well as achieving your goals, whatever they may be.  I’ve coached netball for too many years to count and love it as much as I ever have.  I’ve even written a couple of books about the sport to help netball teachers and coaches get the most out of their training sessions.

Netball 3
Flying Dragons!

If setting up the Dragons has enabled one girl or woman to realise they can contribute to a team, be happy and healthy, and be active outside of PE in school, then I’m a very happy coach!


Well, that’s enough from me for now, but I’ll be back on The Skipton Press soon with future match reports and charity events.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with another one of our sayings:

I know I play like a girl – a Dragon Girl. Try to keep up.

And if you’d like to keep up by joining the Craven Dragons then contact me at



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