Inspirational Tilly Nominated For Pride Of Britain Award


by Alexis Wilson-Barrett

A brave young burns survivor, already seen by millions of TV viewers, will be helping to launch a new campaign by Skipton-based Principle Trust Children’s Charity as they relaunch their charity in a bid to offer more holidays for children.

Although just nine years old, Tilly Sawford has been through an incredible 350 operations for the fourth-degree burns she suffered to 86% of her body when falling into a bath of scalding water when aged just 15 months.  Her brother had accidentally turned the hot tap on whilst playing in the bathroom.

Tilly, having recently had her leg amputated to alleviate her pain, first came to the attention of the charity after her appearance on ITV’s Love Your Garden.

The Principle Trust Children’s Charity

The charity’s TillyDevelopment Manager, Kate Dring, said “We wanted to do something special for Tilly and her family, especially after her amputation.  Tilly is amazingly upbeat and positive and we wanted her to be one of the children featured by the charity to show how a holiday can help children and families.”

The Principle Trust Children’s Charity aims to improve the quality of life of children who are disadvantaged socially, physically, emotionally and as a result of extreme poverty. They also help children with additional difficulties such as long-term, life-limiting or terminal illness; disability; mental health issues; domestic violence; and overcrowding or inadequate housing.

At the time, Tilly’s inspirational Mum said “Principle Trust Children’s Charity have given us the chance to have a holiday together.  Without them, this would not be possible. Tilly is excited and she will really enjoy the time out with the family during her ongoing treatment.”

As one of the only charities in the North of England which provides free holidays to children, they are bombarded with requests and referrals, meaning that many deserving families are being turned away.


Nominated for Pride of Britain AwardsTilly

Astounded by Tilly’s courage and her passion for helping others, Kate brought Tilly’s story to the attention of The Pride Of Britain Awards, for which she has been nominated for the Child Of Courage Award, along with just two other children.  The winner will be announced in just over a weeks’ time so stay tuned for updates!

If you can help The Principle Trust Children’s Charity in their fundraising, or for further information, please contact Kate Dring on 01756 704782.

To view the charity’s Facebook page click here, and you can visit their website here.



  1. […] A couple of weeks ago, I brought you the story of a courageous little girl called Tilly Sawford.  At just 15 months old, Tilly suffered fourth degree burns to 86% of her body after falling into a bath of scalding water.  Despite having over 350 operations, 9-year-old Tilly asked a Skipton-based charity if she could become the face of their new appeal and was subsequently, nominated for a Pride of Britain Award.  Tilly has been helping the The Principle Trust Children’s Charity to raise £50,000 towards the cost of a new holiday home, so they are able to send more disadvantaged, disabled and terminally ill children on free holidays with their families. Their Development Manager, Kate Dring, put Tilly forward for the award. (Read more here) […]

  2. […] The Skipton Press was proud to watch as Tilly Sawford, who we have featured in various articles over the past couple of months, receiving her Pride of Britain Award. Tilly, who champions Skipton charity The Principal Trust Children’s Charity was presented the award by none other than the X Factor Judges! You can read more about Tilly’s story and the charity here. […]


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