Inquiry or Inquest Into The Grenfell Tragedy – Should You Sign This Petition?


An online petition is being distributed across social media in regards to the Grenfell tragedy, calling for a full inquest rather than an inquiry. What’s the difference? Here’s footage from a BBC interview with Sophie Khan, who is an experienced Solicitor, who warns against the holding of a Public Inquiry. 


Taken directly from the petition page on

“Theresa May’s decision to carry out a public inquiry into the Grenfell tragedy ensures that the government has control over any uncomfortable revelations about the negligence and poor planning of the Grenfell estate by the Tory-run Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

By choosing a PUBLIC INQUIRY the government protects itself as well as those who should be held accountable. It also blocks any possibility of an INQUEST from taking place: the necessary process that would unearth the true causes of the fire for the public interest.

Prevent the government from whitewashing the truth and from keeping the UK’s planning and regulation laws in the dark ages any longer. Stand with the residents of Grenfell as well as the residents of the UK’s 4,000 other tower blocks and make sure this does not happen again. ”

You can sign the petition here:


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