How To Handle Social Media Use In The Workplace

Social Media in The Workplace
Social Media in The Workplace

Friend or foe, employees’ safe use of social media is down to you

Whether you view social media as a game changing opportunity or a dangerous monster, there is no doubt that it is here to stay and business owners need to decide how to manage it in the workplace.

The use of smart phones, the internet, posting, tweeting and blogging are part of everyday life for the majority of businesses today, enabling savvy employees to keep in touch, respond quickly and work more flexibly.

The downside is that misuse of the internet and social media at work is costing Britain billions every year, raising issues such as:

  • Lost time
  • Defamation
  • Cyber bullying
  • Freedom of speech
  • Invasion of privacy

Simple steps you can take as an employer to keep control of social media use in your company include:

  • Don’t ban use of social media – rules should be in place but it is good to promote a work/life balance.
  • Update your policies to stipulate that the company will not tolerate cyber
  • Include a social media policy in your company handbook making clear what is and is not acceptable.
  • Be aware of potential discrimination issues in using social media to ‘check out’ prospective employees.

ACAS suggests your social media policy should aim to ensure employees do not feel gagged, staff and managers feel protected against online bullying and the organisation feels confident its reputation will be guarded.

For guidance in creating a social media policy tailored for your business, contact Sarah on


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