Heroes of Skipton – Ellie Nelson


Nominated by Alexis Wilson- Barrett

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ellie since we were both very small. We grew up on the same street and spent many years as playmates.  Ellie was a typical tomboy and spent most of her days up a tree whilst I waited patiently at the bottom, eager to return to my Barbie dolls.  Her strength and ‘can-do’ attitude were apparent at a young age and she never failed to amaze me with her determination.  She has faced a number of challenges during her adult years but met each one with the same attitude she possessed as a child. Her biggest challenge by far was the one she faced last year.

In July 2016, Ellie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer – just 4 months before she and her partner were due to marry. Thankfully, it was discovered at an early stage due to Ellie’s regular self-checks, however, she was faced with a year of gruelling treatment consisting of a Mastectomy, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

From day one, Ellie was determined to help others who were undergoing the same treatment. Prior to starting chemotherapy, she decided to shave off her long blonde hair and donate it to The Little Princess Foundation – a wonderful charity that provides wigs for little girls with cancer. A fundraising page was set up for sponsorship donations and Ellie managed to raise an impressive £600. Ellie and her partner, Shaun Nelson, got married on 12th November 2016 – ten years to the day that they first got together. Ellie looked radiant wearing her beautiful white gown, pink headscarf and trademark smile.

She has now received the all-clear, but her fundraising efforts haven’t stopped. Now growing plants and flowers at her home in Skipton, Ellie is selling these to raise much-needed funds for The Richardson Suite at Airedale Hospital. 

I have decided to put Ellie forward for the Hero of Skipton Award as recognition of her inspirational bravery and selflessness during what must have been an incredibly difficult time.  





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