Business woman, Frances Day has introduced her successful venture, The Bird Board, to the Skipton professional women’s community. The new local Bird Board launched in Skipton this month is the 17th in the region, with more new boards following over the coming months throughout the north of England.

The first meeting was hosted at The Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton and attracted a number of businesswomen from the Craven and Aire region seeking an inspiring environment for board level peer support.

Unlike many existing women’s networking and referral groups, the Bird Board is not primarily about getting together for a chat to promote or sell your business, but instead aims to bring together a group of gifted and experienced women whose experiences combine to provide support and solutions to real life-work issues. Whatever the challenges of the individual business owners, the wealth of professional expertise in the groups provides a fresh intelligent perspective to those workplace problems.

The Bird Board started in 2014 after Frances realised there was gap in the market for a support group of powerful, like minded business women. She said, “Although friends and family mean well, they don’t have the shared experience and knowledge of other business owners. Women not only have their own unique business challenges and are invariably trying to balance work with family and home life. They also naturally have nurturing and supportive personalities. It was important for me to create an environment where they felt safe in the knowledge that they could share concerns and challenges in a confidential environment.”

As the local Boards are each limited to just 12 women members with only one per business sector, the demand is high for membership.
Jane Ellison-Bates of local PR firm Manifest Marketing Ltd was among the women present at the introductory meeting. She commented “I was impressed by the potential of the group and have decided to join. The structured format of the meetings, focussing on challenges, ensures that the outcomes are likely to be productive in terms of providing peer support from like-minded individuals and I’m looking forward to contributing to that process.”

The next Skipton meeting will be September 14th, 10am – 12 noon at The Rendezvous Hotel, with guests welcome to attend one session prior to joining. Businesswomen interested in attending a board click here for more information.

Rendezvous Hotel
Keighley Road, Skipton BD23 2TA
From 9.45am until 12 noon and it’s just £20 to attend.
To book your place click, contact Frances on or phone 0113 350 3230