8 Spectacular Harry Potter Products That Fans Will Adore


As the Harry Potter franchise celebrates its 20th Birthday this year, we thought it would be nice to reflect on the impact that JK Rowlings tales of magic and wonder has had on the Muggle world since its humble beginnings in a small cafe, and in particular some of the spectacular products which have spawned from the series.

As well as inspiring a generation of readers and fueling the imaginations of children and adults world wide, Harry Potter is one of the most recognizable franchises the world has ever seen. Seven books, eight Films and a theme park later, the legend of Harry Potter lives on, with a fan base, which retains as much energy and enthusiasm as it ever has.

Etsy is a digital market place, where talented crafters sell an endless range of imaginative, vintage and unique products, which are hard to come by on the high street. But how does this relate to Harry Potter?

Well, a simple search for the term Harry Potter on the site returns over 65,000 results, with a range of products about as diverse and imaginative as the world of Harry Potter itself. From hand crafted Bath Bombs, inspired by the various Hogwarts houses, to intricately carved wands which wouldn’t look out of place on the shelves of Olivanders, here eight of the coolest Harry Potter Potter products that can be found on Etsy!

Harry Potter Quote Coasters – £7.99

Harry Potter Coaster


These Harry Potter coasters are a splendid and understated way to exhibit your Potter love! ArcadiaHomeCreations, the crafter behind these wonderful creations offers a range of 22 quotes, with some of the most iconic, comical and sometimes profound quotes from the books/films. Each set contains four coasters, and what’s more, you get to choose your favourite quote! For us, it has to be… “I solemly swear that I am up to no good,” “When in doubt, go to the library” “Until the very end” and “It’s our choices that show who we really are far more than our abilities”! 

You can get yours by clicking here.


Magic Deathly Hallows Lamp (turned on with wand!) – £128.45


Not only does this unique and beautifully crafted lamp radiate style… it brings the magic of Harry Potter into the muggle world! Archaidic, who makes this awesome lamp said “Charm your muggle and magical friends alike with our exclusive, hand-made wand(included). Using cutting-edge magic, we’ve infused our wands with enough magic to work even for a muggle! To turn the light on or off, all you need do is gently tap the wand to the rod of the lamp (see the video in the link). We suggest you use the incantations “Lumos” and “Nox”, but nonverbal spells work just as well.”

You can purchase this product by clicking here.


Hogwarts Mug – £11.79

Harry Potter Mug


Let the world know that you’re a secret wizard with this awesome “I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter…” mug. A high-quality item, with over 300 five star reviews, which would be an ideal present for either a friend/family member or just a little treat for yourself! One reviewer said, “In love with this product!” We’d be lying if we said we weren’t as well!

You can purchase this mug by clicking here.


Nimbus 2000 Key Ring – £7

Nimbus 2000 keys

Nimbus 2000 keyring case

This keyring truly is a lovely item! It’s an understated and inexpensive way to express your love of JK Rowling’s wizarding world. It comes in a delightful presentation box, making it a really giftable item. Made from high-grade aluminum, it’ll last for years, and at just £7 we couldn’t say no!

You can get yours by clicking here.


Customised Leather Notebook – £19.99


Harry Potter Notebook

Made from 100% genuine leather, and with a choice of emblems, one person who bought this item said: “Was a gift for a friend. She said she didn’t want to write in it because it is too pretty. Overall the journal is as described with Harry Potter quote and Hufflepuff logo with pages sewn into the leather cover. Recommend for any writer or anybody who loves Harry Potter.” 

It’s an A5 notebook and would be perfect for any aspiring Witches and Wizards!

Click here to buy!

Wand Make Up Brushes – £7.99



These Harry Potter inspired makeup brushes recently hit the headlines after they were shared online by Us Magazine! With a metal handle and good quality brush, these brushes are made in the UK but can be shipped worldwide. 

These wand-make up brushes could take pride of place in any make up bag! A recent review of the brushes read “Fantastic quality, worth every penny.”

Click here to buy!


Platform 9 3/4 Dual Sided Clock – £39.99



Another piece of delightful homeware, this one off Platform 9 3/4 dual sided clock, is made by the ever talented LauraJayneLoves who says “These clocks are a must for the Harry Potter fanatic, it is not only a cool item but a beautiful talking point for your home. Mine is located between my lounge and dining room so I can see the time in both rooms 🙂 but they make a great decorative piece in any room, and are a must for Potterychildren’ss bedrooms….imagine it with brick wallpaper!!!….. wow!!! ”

Click here to buy!


Owl Post Wedding/Birthday Package! – £13.50

il_570xN.1306189419_go59 il_570xN.1199441470_k5fr

With over 75 five star reviews, if you’re getting married and are a couple of a certain age, this wedding package is most certainly going to appeal to you. Each set comes with a variety of wedding items, ranging from stationery to sweets. Add a touch of magic to your wedding and be the envy of muggles!

Click here to buy.

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