This Lost Dogs Transformation Will Warm Your Heart


In February 2017 Aireworth Dogs in Need supporter and fosterer Gubby Clement received a call from a local farmer in the village of Lothersdale. She’d wandered into a woodshed on her farm and found a frightened, hungry, cowering dog hidden at the back of the shed; a building she rarely entered. Knowing Gubby has lurchers she called her wondering if it might be one of her dogs who’d escaped.

Gubby confirmed it wasn’t, her dogs were safely tucked up at home, but she offered to help and went along to help coax the frightened dog out of the shed with tempting titbits. Gubby then contacted Aireworth Dogs in Need for their assistance. Gubby named the sad looking dog Angus McDuff and took him to Kingsway vets where it soon became apparent he had a number of injuries including significant damage to his shoulder which had become impaled on a sharp object. He also had many thick scabs around his neck and half his ear had been torn off, possibly from being caught in barbed wire.

It was presumed that Angus had been a working dog and was out “lamping” and had either run off or cruelly abandoned when his owners realised he was injured. Despite widespread appeals through social media no owner was found and Angus remained unclaimed.


Aireworth Dogs in Need agreed to take on the responsibility for Angus’s medical treatment and he was booked in with Kingsway Vets. Vet Heather Jones recalls “Angus was slightly underweight with a puncture wound on his left shoulder and two smaller puncture wounds on his neck. The shoulder wound was deep with damage to the muscle underneath. From his teeth I could tell he was only a young boy, under 2 years old”. Heather added “despite his injuries he was a very sweet natured boy and was a joy to take care of”.

Whilst Heather performed the surgery the charity appealed to animal lovers and supporters to help foot the bill for his treatment. As a small charity ADIN relies on an army of supporters who fundraise through bidding at the weekly online auction as well as helping on stalls at galas.


Following his surgery Angus needed a caring and loving foster home to allow him to recover and for the foster carer to assess his needs including personality and social skills with people and other dogs. Having previously adopted another lurcher from Aireworth and having a soft spot for Angus, Gubby fitted the bill perfectly.

It soon became clear that Angus had a sweet and gentle nature and loved the company of other dogs and in particular Gubby’s adopted lurcher girl Pointy. Having a loving and nurturing home ensured that Angus made a full recovery from the surgery and was given a clean bill of health by Heather who was delighted at how he rallied after his surgery and made excellent progress. Not only that but Angus also found himself very much in love!


Gubby, in discussion with the charity decided that Angus had found his forever home and was staying right there with her and Pointy! Gubby has vast experience with dogs and with rescue dogs in particular and is under no illusion that taking on a rescue dog, many of whom have had unsettled and uncertain backgrounds is a walk in the park. She explained; “Rescue dogs can be flipping hard work but hugely rewarding. They need rules and boundaries as well as love. It’s all about building trust between you. Training is as essential as love. There are far too many ‘disposable’ dogs in this world. Behavioural issues only exist because owners have allowed them to develop or not done the work to prevent them or address them. The dog is then penalised and loses its home. I can’t stress enough the need for training. It’s as essential as schooling for your kids.” With the love and training that Gubby offers Angus McDuff has found his perfect forever home and can sleep safely curled up with his best pal Pointy! Gubby has a final plea; “Giving an adult dog a new home is giving it a chance at life. Please consider adoption rather than buying a new puppy”.

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If you would like to support Aireworth Dogs in Need to help dogs like Angus find their happy ending either by becoming a fosterer, helping to fundraise or by giving a dog a forever home then visit the website Or find us on facebook or twitter.


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