David Hockney Gallery Opens In Cartwright Hall To Mark His 80th Birthday


David Hockney was born on 9th July 1937, and with his 80th birthday just days away, it marks his 60th year of working as an artist. To mark the birthday of this iconic, Bradford-born artist, many exhibitions are popping up across the world. And, of course, Bradford is doing the same. 

At Cartwright Hall, in Bradford, the public collection that heavily influenced Hockney as a child and student, the hall will be open, depicting his life and work – this opens today and promises to attract many an art lover from across the region and beyond.

Head down, and you’ll find an introduction to David Hockney, an exploration of his techniques and some of his earliest works, which is set to give visitors an unparalleled insight into his life. What’s more, there will be a fantastic selection of previously unseen footage of the artist, bringing his story even more so, to life.

As well as being a beautiful and imposing building, Hockney himself was known to have been a regular visitor to Cartwright Hall, saying “I used to love going to Cartwright Hall as a kid, it was the only place in Bradford I could see real paintings.” 

We’ll be heading down to the new gallery and we’ll bring you a review in due course.


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