Craven Dragons Match Report + Movember Mixed Tournament News!


The Big Match(es)

Whoever you believe in – the netball Gods or Lady Luck – they haven’t been kind to us these past couple of weeks!  There have been two very close defeats for the Burnley League team and a loss for our Thursday Pendle League team.  That said, we have played some consistent, thinking-woman’s netball and have seen some great individual and team performances.

In the Pendle League, the Dragons played a fast-paced attacking game – so fast that at times it was our downfall.  Whilst we were able to make some tips and interceptions, the rapid pace of the game put our players under pressure and mistakes started to creep in.  Wayward throws and a loss of control in centre court saw the gap open up, and despite some very solid defending by Phoebe Whitehead and Fil Sutton we lost by 9.

A special mention to Phoebe and Fil, however, who received awards from the Pendle League for Players’ Player and Umpire’s Player respectively for the summer league (see pic below… with a few photobombers thrown in for good measure!).  Well done to two young netballers who are developing some great technical skills and a mature approach to their netball – making their coach very proud in the process!

Craven Dragons

The Smallest Of Margins

The Burnley League team have experienced a frustrating time in their last two matches, losing each game by just a single goal.  Having been promoted this season and starting with a solid win, these two losses have been particularly hard to take.  The standard of netball has been high, but when the score is so close a run of bad luck with some key decisions as well as a few loose balls makes all the difference.

Although, as a wise man once said, ‘you make it easy for luck and umpiring decisions to influence the outcome if you don’t take advantage of attacking opportunities.’  Harsh… but true.

So, with no matches this week we’ll train hard and look forward to better results next week – always enjoying our netball in true Dragons style.


Movember Mixed Netball Tournament – 20th November

Not content with playing fast and frenetic league matches, Craven Dragons are also looking forward to our annual Mixed Netball Tournament.  This is our opportunity to get friends and family involved in the world’s greatest sport (netball, in case you were wondering), whilst raising money for The Movember Foundation.

The tournament is great fun – if not a little competitive! – and a chance for the boys and men to roll their sleeves up, don some netball bibs (not skirts I hasten to add!) and shoot some hoops!

The last six years have seen some fantastic tournament matches being played, with most of the male participants gaining a newfound respect for the game.  This is because they realise the pace is faster than they expected, the format is extremely tactical, and that technique, particularly in shooting, is everything.  Oh, and that rule about it being a non-contact sport?  Not so much…!

We’ve had some great fun and laughs down the years and are really looking forward to raising some more money for Movember this year on 20th November.  (For further details on The Movember Foundation visit their website here.)

For more information on how to get involved or donate to the charity please contact Anna Sheryn on or on 07813 703 585.  You can enter a team or as an individual player.

And remember, we are girls and play like girls – try to keep up!



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