Countdown To Christmas: Santa’s Coming To Skipton – Will He Knock On Your Door?

For many years now Skipton Craven Rotary club members have been out and about during December to bring Santa Claus to the people of the district in the days leading up to the BIG DAY!
This year again they’re “flying” him in from his home to tour our area on the purpose built sleigh the Rotary Club have for him. Complete with Lights and Music it’s a great sight.
A  team of Rotary Elves and “Rudolph Rotary” our driver accompany Santa and precede the sleigh, knocking on doors to alert residents young and not so young of Santa’s Arrival.
Children are invited to come and meet Santa outside their house and are given a chocolate or lolly from Santa’s box. Parents and Grandparents are welcome to take photographs.
Of course one of the aims of Rotary is to raise money for charities local national and international and Rotary Members ( the elves) are grateful to receive donations into their collecting tins as they pass by. In previous years Skipton Craven Rotary have been amazed by the generosity of the Craven Residents and approx. £6000 is raised year after year. The Rotary Club ensure that over the course of the year this money is used and passed to worthy charitable causes.

Santa and his sleigh will be at Horse Close Estate and Keighley Road between 5.45pm and 8pm on Wednesday 7th as their first visit.

Over the following weeks, Santa’s itinerary is then as follows –

Thursday, December 8: Greatwood – top end of Shortbank Road – Aldersley Avenue and The Oval.

Friday December 9: Moorview Way – Hurrs Road, Elsey Croft areas.dsc_0338

Monday December 12: Sackville Street, Duke Street, Ward Street, Ermysted Street and roads off Brougham Street and Westmoreland Street.
Wednesday December 14: Willow Way on  Carleton road –  then Carleton Village.
Thursday December 15: Carleton Road – Carleton Close and Avenue – Burnside Estate.
Friday December 16: Bradley Village.
Monday December 19: Otley Road Regent  Estate, Greenacres area– Overdale Grange.
Wednesday December 21: The Raikes, Raikeswood Road – Raikes Road – Tarn Moor Crescent.
Thursday December 22: Embsay Village.
Friday December 23: Gargrave Road – Gainsborough Court – Woodlands Drive-Rockwood Drive areas.
Then of course Santa is off on his World Wide Tour on Christmas Eve !!
Skipton Craven Rotary members will also be present in the foyer areas of our local supermarkets during the three weekends as follows.
We start this weekend Morrisons both days (3rd /4th) then Tesco on 10th Morrisons 11th Morrisons 17th Tesco 18th 10 until 4 each day.


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