Countdown To Christmas: Lowfield Farm Christmas Trees


When it comes to creating a decorative seasonal centrepiece there’s nothing quite like a real Christmas tree.  And if you can do this whilst spreading a little Christmas cheer for charity then so much the better!

Christmas Chari-TreeLowfield Farm

That’s why we’re delighted that Lowfield Farm in Beamsley are back with their annual Christmas tree offer, where you can you find a terrific tree for your home and where 50% of all the proceeds raised goes to help Spinal Research continue their important work.  Last year, Lowfield Farm and its customers raised over £4,000, and they’re hoping to raise even more this year.


Spinal Research

Spinal Research are committed to developing life-changing treatments for paralysis caused by a broken back or neck.  Every year in the UK, 1,000 people are paralysed following an injury to their spinal cord.  But thanks to the work done by Spinal Research and other research organisations, the Spinal Researchscientific community is on the brink of restoring movement to those affected by spinal injuries, potentially transforming the lives of millions across the world.


So if you decide to source your spruce from Lowfield Farm, not only will you be getting a beautiful Christmas tree, you’ll be contributing to a brilliant cause.



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