The Conservative Party – General Election 2017 – A Message From The Party


Finally, we have a message from Julian Smith of the Conservative Party.

The Conservative’s Message:

“It has been a huge privilege to represent this amazing part of our country over the past seven years. I have fought hard for our area, focussing on supporting older people, promoting local businesses and our rural economy. In the last year, I have held 40 surgeries across the constituency, responded to over 4,000 pieces of casework and arranged a number of ministerial visits, most recently hosting the farming minister in Skipton.

The choice that you will face on the 8th June or when you fill in your postal ballot is actually a very simple one. You are choosing our Prime Minister for the next five years – five years in which our country’s long-term future will be decided. And this choice is between two people, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

I am asking you to vote Conservative on the 8th June in order that I can continue to be your MP and for Theresa May to continue as Prime Minister with a stronger hand to embark upon Brexit negotiations and the exciting challenges beyond.”


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