Charity Shop Robbed


A Keighley charity shop was robbed yesterday. The shop, which raises for Sue Ryder released a statement saying:

“Our Cavendish Street branch was robbed yesterday – the till was snatched. It makes us so sad that people would take from a shop that is trying to raise money to fund caring for others.

Of course the rationale is that we got the stock for free, we don’t have security like large shopping centres, and we’re staffed mainly by volunteers.

So instead of stealing from a big brand they steal from our donors who have kindly given to us to contribute towards raising funds.

They steal from our volunteers, who every day come in and give their free time so more money can go back into care.

And they steal from Sue Ryder, who are giving incredible care to everyone who comes in contact with the Charity.

I have very little hope that anyone who was involved with the theft sees this. But if they do, know that we will carry on raising money, carry on taking pride in our shop, and carry on caring.

And should you ever have need of our services, we will care for you as well.”


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