“Capturing the Moment” – An Exhibition At Mill Bridge Gallery


Printmaker Mike Smith is busy preparing for his forthcoming solo exhibition of work at the Mill Bridge Gallery in Skipton. Taking place in June, ‘Capturing the Moment’ will feature over twenty of his recent reduction linoprints reflecting his many interests.

‘My work’s underlying theme is an attempt to capture and make subjective responses to specific instances of location and time. In the momentary coming together of disparate elements and perspectives, I try to create and share visual narratives that have, in themselves, small significance. They remain, however, essential parts of a reflection of a complete and uniquely personal aesthetic experience’.

Reduction linoprinting is a traditional form of printmaking. Having drawn out the image on to the lino surface, careful cuts are made to remove specific areas of the lino. The remaining surface is then inked up, paper is pressed down onto the ink and the image is transferred to the paper. Working from light to dark, to achieve the required range of tones and colours for the print, this process might have to be repeated up to twenty times!

‘The good thing is that it is a slow, deliberate process, the bad thing is that you can’t undo a mistake!

I really enjoy the essentially ‘primitive’ character, craft skill and historical continuity bound up in this type of printmaking; the intellectual and technical exercise of manipulating the original image to exploit the potential of the medium. By limiting the editions of my work, I allow myself time to experiment within the process itself, sometimes on a print by print basis adding to their individual nature’.

Having spent many years teaching in Yorkshire, Mike now works from his home studio in Addingham. He is an active member of both IKLEY ARTS and CRAVEN ARTS and the West Yorkshire Print Workshop. His work can be found on his website: www.mikesmithprints.co.uk

The exhibition opens to the public on the 9TH June and runs until the 7th July 2018 at:

The Mill Bridge Gallery,

3 Mill Bridge,

Skipton BD23 1NJ


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