The Cafe On A Mission To Create A Healthier Ewe!

The Healthier Ewe

To many, dieting and eating out don’t mix well. With many diets focusing on keeping track and having control over what you eat, it’s hard to know which menu items to choose when eating out, making it a minefield for dieters!

However, a Cafe in Skipton has been challenging this idea and has embraced a healthier style of cooking, with their unique slimming world inspired menu.


Since opening in January 2017, The Healthier Ewe has impressed locals and visitors alike with their welcoming and healthy approach to food. And thankfully for dieters across the region, their menu is inviting, extensive and deliciously designed to include a variety of dishes, which although not necessarily thought of as diet food, is cooked in a way that won’t damage the diet!

In fact, their most popular menu item is their Fry Light Breakfast, which is their take on the full English breakfast.

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As well as inspiring regular customers, who frequent the cafe, Dean well and practises what he preaches, and has benefited from this approach to food, he said “I made the menu totally healthy about 3 months ago. Since I started with this I have lost 2 and 1/2 stone!

 I incorporate all diets, so there’s food which is gluten free(70% of menu) and other items designed for specific dietry needs! We have built a real feel good place where old, young and people who want to eat well without breaking the bank!”

We’ll be bringing you more on The Healthier Ewe in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

What Customers Are Saying About The Healthier Ewe

“Fantastic place! Deano was so welcoming and this place is super dog friendly (and they don’t just pretend to be!) fabulous choice of healthy cakes and also how many “sins” if you know slimming world, lovely setting, convenient for town and Skipton woods and a dog walk, a great balance of being able to be where there are dogs, but also options to be seated somewhere if you don’t want to be near them – loved here when it was Union Jack, love it even more now its Deano! thanks for making us all feel so genuinely welcome.”


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