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Being Better – Private Therapy Practise

With over 25 years experience in the private therapy industry, Being Better can be found in a discreet location in Skipton. 

Offer a range of therapy, including lifestyle changes, changing daily habits, managing stress & anxiety, improving self-esteem & confidence, overcoming fears, improving performance at work or a career change, managing relationships, decluttering your life and having a work/life balance and so on.

Specialising in overcoming addiction, they are experienced in working with people who feel that their drinking is getting out of hand, and can stop it getting out of control. As well as treatment for those with addictions, Being Better offer sessions designed to assist people affected by their loved ones drinking/drug use.

They provide a qualitative service using a range of evidence based techniques and approaches including life coaching, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, cognitive behaviour therapy, neuro linguistic programming and solution focused behaviour therapy.

They approach each of their clients individually, offering bespoke treatment on a case by case basis, and drawing upon their extensive industry and personal experience.

Their offices at High Street house are a welcoming space, ideally situated central to Skipton yet discreet for those wanting to preserve anonymity. They have two therapy rooms and a large space for forthcoming workshops and seminars.
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