By Alexis Wilson-Barrett

Last week, we brought you some of our favourite Harry Potter products listed on Etsy. This week, it is all about unicorns…

The legend of the Unicorn originated in ancient Chinese Mythology. Thought to be one of nine mythical beings with the ability to differentiate between good and evil, the unicorn looked far different to the one we recognise today. With a head of a dragon and blue scaly skin, it bore little resemblance to the elegant white creatures depicted in storybooks and cartoons today. The only similarity was the single horn protruding from the centre of its head. 

Over the centuries, the symbolism has altered significantly. There is mention of unicorns in the Bible but it is thought that the creature in question was actually some form of Wild Ox. In its teachings, the Church portrayed the unicorn as impossible to catch – only a virgin could catch one. It was this portrayal, which led to its association with the Virgin Mary and, subsequently, its symbolism of purity.

The Unicorn that we know and love today is an elegant white horse with a colourful flowing mane and a horn of silver or gold. In recent years, the world has gone ‘unicorn mad’ and retailers have added numerous unicorn-themed products to their inventories.  A search on Etsy, brings up a massive 101,425 results so vast numbers of independent retailers and sole traders are attempting to monetise on the craze.

These are some of our favourites:

Long Tail Unicorn Wine Glass – £23

Unicorn Glasses


Click here to get yours!

Unicorn Dress – £29

Unicorn Dress


You can get yours by clicking here.

Wall Prints – £14

Wall Prints

Wall Prints Unicorns

You can get yours by clicking here.

 Sterling Silver Necklace – £30



You can get yours by clicking here.

Phone Case – £12.50

Unicorn Phone Case

Phone Case

You can get yours by clicking here.

Unicorn Necklace – £19

Unicorn Necklace Necklaces

You can get yours by clicking here.

Baby Leggings – £12.50

Baby Unicorn Leggins il_570xN.1231045830_m5bx

You can get yours by clicking here.

Have you found any quirk unicorn-themed products online? Perhaps, you make some yourself. We would love to see your photos!