Artists and gallery join together to celebrate local landscapes

Artists and gallery join together to celebrate local landscapes

Mill Bridge Gallery, Skipton is hosting its second Craven Arts exhibition. ‘The Celestial Landscape’ is an exploration of heavenly Yorkshire landscapes which opens on Friday 4 May. The work features two artists working in very different mediums. Helen Peyton is a printmaker using linocut and monoprint, whilst Mark Butler is a sculptor working in bronze and steel.

Mark is influenced by looking at old and new maps as well as the experience of being in the landscape. His work explores the history of a site, or looks at how the land is used in many different ways. Helen’s prints are a celebration of the beauty of the night sky, they look at the iconic areas of Yorkshire that are enhanced by the magnificence of the evening and the stunning impact of familiar silhouettes. Sculpture is a passion for Mark, who loves turning everyday objects or hand sculpted forms into a precious metal. He said of his work

By adding colour and polish to bronze, it takes on a new life, highlighting the different textures and shining with an inner glow that no other material can match.

For Helen, her local countryside was the perfect subject

There is nowhere more beautiful or nothing more inspirational than the Yorkshire Dales at night! I love lying in tall grass on a summers evening staring at the sky. We are really lucky because there is no light pollution, the sky is so dark that the constellations light the view. Working with Mark has been a perfect mix, my prints looking up and Mark’s sculptures looking down.

Based in the North Yorkshire Dales, yet nationally regarded, Helen’s works are exhibited at the Royal Academy, Scottish Academy, Leeds City Art Gallery and collected all over the world. See this new collection until Saturday 2 June.


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