5 Reasons To Shop Locally In Skipton


We’ve just launched our brand new Love Local Skipton scheme, which we’ve created to try and help boost the local economy and encourage the people of Skipton to shop locally. Love Local Skipton gives people access to a range of great offers, including discounts and freebies from some of the top businesses in and around Skipton.

With this in mind, we’re taking a look at 5 benefits of shopping locally in Skipton.

Your money will help grow the local economy

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According to research carried out by local authorities, for every £1 spent with small-medium businesses, 63p stayed in the local economy, as opposed to just 40p when spent with larger corporations. What’s more, a thriving high street of independent shops helps to stimulate house price growth – a study carried out by American Express found that house prices for areas with a prosperous town centre have grown by over £40,000 in the past ten years.

It’s an ethical choice

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When you buy out of season produce from a supermarket, odds are it’s been flown halfway around the world – the implications of the storage materials required such as plastic, preservatives and the fuel used to transport it here have a negative impact on the planet from an environmental perspective. However, when shopping at local shops such as Stanforth’s butchers, The Keelham Farm Shop or even some of the fantastic stalls on our market, like Feather’s Funky Eggs, you can be confident that the produce and meat have made a short journey from local farms. That means that your food avoids all those nasty preservatives, making it healthier and more environmentally friendly.

You can find plenty of unique items


Skipton is a great example of this, with a plethora of independent, boutique and gift shops stocking everything from homemade wares to carefully selected homeware. Businesses like the new Kibble Bakery, which sells a selection of fantastic homemade doggie treats, and Skipton institutions like Hartley’s Bedrooms who design and manufacture bespoke fitted furniture. Bigger businesses tend to mass produce their products, meaning that finding your own style can be difficult.

You can help grow communities


Many businesses across Skipton regularly hold community events, which bring together the community and allow people to get to know each other. Mamma J’s café is a fantastic example of this, they often host a myriad of events designed to do just that.

You can sometimes try before you buy


Big retailers often rely on price to crush local competition, however, this doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. In addition, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the opportunity to try before you buy at a supermarket. At independent businesses, it’s much easier to ask for a sample before committing to purchasing. Some businesses even hold tasting events.

Commit to supporting independent businesses on the high street with our Love Local Card.

Forget about Tesco Clubcard or Nectar, you can gain access to a growing number of local discounts and exclusive offers by purchasing your Love Local card here. What’s more, 10% of all sales go to The Principle Trust Children’s Charity.


Are you passionate about local, independent business? If you’d like to become a Love Local ambassador or distributor, email us at PR@theskiptonpress.co.uk.


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