10 Basic Rules For Healthy Eating – Part Two, Rules 6 To 10

Healthy Salad

As promised, here’s the second part of Cerin Rees’s top tips for eating healthily, covering rules 6 to 10.  If you missed the first part then you can catch up with it here.


  1. Learn How To Use The KitchenPreparing Food

“Convenience foods” are amongst the worst for us – fast foods, takeaways, sugary and salty snacks and drinks.  By preparing our own meals we can make sure they’re not only much healthier but much cheaper too!

Top tip: You don’t need to be a full-blown chef.  Just learn how to make a couple of simple, basic meals to get you started.


  1. Eat Little And Often

Instead of eating one or two big meals a day, have small snacks every three hours or so.  By doing this, your body has a constant supply of energy to keep it in top gear.  It also stops you getting really hungry, which is when  we make the worst food choices.

Top tip: Make sure your snacks are freshly produced and don’t come out of a wrapper


  1. Prepare Packed LunchesPacked lunch

Spend ten minutes and make yourself a packed lunch and some snacks for the day.  This will save you lots of money and you can make sure it’s healthy, because you know exactly what goes in it.

Top tip: Prepare it the night before when you’re in less of a rush!


  1. Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s recommended that we drink around 1.5-2.5 litres of water every day.  Avoid fizzy drinks as these tend to have loads of sugar and artificial additives in them.

Top tip: Make drinking water part of your daily routine. You can still have that coffee, but have a drink of water first


  1. Break The Rules Once A WeekHealthy Heart

My favourite rule!  Remember, trying to be perfect will just lead to disappointment.  Aim to be good most of the time and it won’t matter if you are a bit naughty once in a while.

Top tip: If you do overeat every now and then don’t beat yourself up about it!  You’re still doing brilliantly!


Putting The Rules Into Practice

Remember the rule of Keep It Simple and don’t follow all the rules all at once!  Instead, adopt one new rule each week and gradually change your eating habits.  This will make it much easier and enable the good habits you pick up to stick with you much longer.


Keelham ProduceSkipton – Champions Of Healthy Produce

And we’re lucky that here in Skipton we have many purveyors of local, healthy produce to help us on our way.  Why not try sourcing your meat from the renowned Stanforths Butchers (their perfect pork pies are great for rule number 10!) and your fruit and veg from the Skipton Market?

Or for a host of healthy foods all under one roof get along to the wonderful Keelham Farm Shop, who have been championing Skipton-supplied produce since they opened last June.
So what do you think of these simple rules to change our eating habits?  Let us know which ones work best for you in the comments below!


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